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The Roots

FUSINA® is founded in the midst of the '60s economic miracle, when driver Roberto Fusina started a sports cars accessories shop, distributing special components for Italian and foreign cars. During his career as a driver, Fusina took part in some of the most important races, both on race circuits and road events, from the "Targa Florio" to the "Mille Miglia", also through the Tour de France, Monte Carlo Rally and the Circuito Stradale del Mugello.

Roberto has driven the most wide range of vehicles, from the snappy Fiat-Abarth to the most importantly sized Ferrari 250 California. Thanks to the experience gained as an Abarth driver and test driver, Roberto then started a production of steering wheels and sports seats, products that quickly caught on both among road and racing cars, eventually equipping some of the most important cars of the time, from Abarth to Lancia, across Alfa Romeo and Porsche.

The seventies lead to a slow decline, until the definitive closure of the business.





The new millennium brings with it the rebirth of the Fusina brand, thanks to the initiative of the Turin company Speed ​​srl, which together with important contributors like Marco Aghem, his family and Marcello Spada, will aim to bring back the company to the international prominence level that Roberto brought it to with seriousness, passion and many sacrifices. All products are built in full respect of the FUSINA tradition, with extreme attention to details and quality. Everything is then combined with the ability to use modern technologies for design and prototyping, without however setting aside artisan production processes.

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