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FUSINA: The epic come back of motorsports brand driver favorite equipment.

Torino, 18/03/2024

FUSINA, the reference brand for motorsports vehicle and driver equipment during the 70s economic miracle, is coming back to life after a very long sleep.

The brand, founded by driver Roberto Fusina himself, had ceased operations around the end of the 20th century, but has not been forgotten by the heritage motorsports community, us amongst them.

Thanks to the contribution of SPEED srl and private brand lovers like Marcello Spada and Marco Aghem, who are both coming as well from the Mole Antonelliana's former capital, the city of Turin, FUSINA is coming back to life with a continuation catalogue of the brand's former best selling products (like "the" FUSINA seat).

The FUSINA catalogue, being developed during 2023 (in the prototyping and sampling phase right now, while we write this news) will feature:

  • "The" FUSINA seat, used on iconic HF Lancia models as well;

  • several continuation steering wheels, like the Mugello;

  • New design "Sportivo" bucket seat for racing action;

  • New design "Elegante" bucket seat, for more visual thirsty builds;

  • New design sports and racing steering wheels;

  • New 6 points FIA harness;

These products will be available from FUSINA and its dealers during 2024. Stay tuned on our social media and be the first to live this epic comeback of FUSINA, the driver's favorite brand.

A FUSINA wheel with white background
FUSINA Fiat steering wheel


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